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It's been a good year...

2020 hasn't been the greatest of years - I'm sure that is something we can all agree on! But believe it or not, it has been an exciting year for me and my business. The multiple lockdowns and endless tiers were not going to stop me from accomplishing all that I wanted to achieve this year. In fact, being in lockdown for so many months actually gave me the time to focus on my ideas!

November introduced everyone to my new logo and website! It may seem like a small and simple step in the growing of my business but it has taken a lot of thought and effort - from designing it all completely from scratch, to creating and producing it all by myself! It is something I am proud of. My logo is completely my own and I love how it represents my business and brand.

I have only been able to grow my business because of all the wonderful ones around me - I am so grateful for everyone's continued support! All of my beautiful regular clients are special to me and it gives me a real confidence boost every time you recommend me to your friends - you can't give me a better compliment than that! And the way you all showed your love and support after coming out of lockdown - it was really special. To my stunning brides: thank you for giving me the pleasure of having a part in your special day. Even though it has been such a rollercoaster this year for weddings, it was lovely to still be able to see so many of you get married... but roll on 2021 weddings - they're going to be great!!

Let's all just look ahead to 2021... Many more good things to come!

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