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Owner and Creator of Hair by Hare

First thing to say is the obvious - Hair and Makeup is a very personal thing to an individual (it can either make you or break you!) I am privileged that so many beautiful people entrust me to make them feel and look their best, so I think it is only fair that you get to know more about me. Let's start building this trust journey!

My name is Sophie Hare and I am a creative hairdresser and makeup artist from Kent. Now with a surname like 'Hare', I just had to become a hairdresser... What other option was there?! - Unless I became some sort of rabbit farmer... (Come to think of it actually, being surrounded by cute bunnies all day probably wouldn't have been a bad thing...) but no! I decided it was going to be hairdressing! 

My passion for creativity blossomed when I started my career as an apprentice in a hair salon at 16. I am proud to say that I advanced quickly in my training, even winning several awards for my techniques. Now many years later I am still just as passionate about hair as I was when I started and have never regretted my career choice. But I wanted to expand my creativity and develop my skill set in the beauty industry. So at 24, I embarked on my professional makeup qualification!

I love my job - I truly do! Whether it's just enhancing that natural beauty or creating a complete transformation. Each look is tailored to you, the individual, to make you feel magical, and in turn it makes me happy to see you so delighted with something I have created! 

So that's basically it for now. Check out my gallery to see if you like my style and I look forward to you getting in touch! 
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